Thursday, November 20, 2014

Minimalist Distraction Free Setup

I got a new MacBook air at the new company I work at.

Unlike my previous MacBook air, this one only runs i5, 4GB Memory and 128 SSD which means I have to preserve a lot of space to have a nice coding rig.

I have to be able to code android and iOS on this one. Plus, I should be able to hack stuffs on it for my personal fun as well.

So how do I deal with that?

I need to reserve around 9GB for XCode, 7 GB for Android Studio + SDK and around 20 GB for basic OSX stuffs. Plus I have to reserve the iWork and iLife stuff since this is a company laptop and someone else who's gonna use it later after me.

I'm a big fan of music and movies, and the space limits it. So how do I deal with it? Use the cloud. I put all my old codes in a private git repo. I stream all my music using deezer and put all my favorite movies on my Google Drive account.

Now I can still have it while I run on a minimal setup.

As a comparison, now I have 83.59GB of free space out of 128GB on the new machine compared to around 60GB of free space out of 256GB on my old machine.

Another thing that I am currently trying is to minimize distractions. I don't have any social media app installed on my coding rig other than Slack, which is the company's official app. No Skype, no Twitter, none whatsoever even on my browser. I use all of it on my phone, which I randomly check. I can focus more because of that.

Try out a minimal setup, you'll be surprised at how it increases your productivity.



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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thank You IceHouse

Last Friday was my graduation day from IceHouse University. It was a wonderful 2 years journey and I consider it as a university since I learned a lot more stuffs there compared to my previous 7 years in the tech industry. 

Not only that, I met a lot of interesting people there. I met the team who rose from being laid off by Yahoo!, and they're truly inspirational people to work with. I met an unknown guy from Singapore who became my best friend at IceHouse and now became a CTO at bridestory. I met one of the most prominent geek in Indonesia who now leads an RnD lab. I also met a travelling designer, a cool frontend guy who likes to go to beer garden, a tech guy who refuses his parent's wish to be a government guy just because he thinks it's not geeky enough, a really smart geek who comes from no man's land and become the first winner of code of the week at IceHouse, a developer evangelist turned engineering lead, a photonic science master degree graduated from Germany turned into QA lead, finally got a mentor who graduated from MIT and most of all, I met with the brightest minds in Indonesia that I'm sure will be the future tech leaders in Indonesia.

However, the show must go on. Starting tomorrow, I am starting my new career at Traveloka, a cool young company in the travel tech industry. A lot of people are asking me why. I've always followed Traveloka since their first launch. I like how the company is run and I like the idea that they want to do different things with the industry, most of them I can't disclose here.

Thank you IceHouse, for giving me the chance to get exposed more to the edge of technology. You guys are the geekiest crowd ever and I'm proud to be one of the alumnee. I now follow the vision of IceHouse to create future leaders of the Indonesian tech scene.

Here's to a wonderful 2 years at IceHouse and to an exciting step forward with Traveloka!



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