Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Pics From Jakarta

Below are some pictures taken around Jakarta. Enjoy!

Senayan area from the 24th floor, you can actually see most of Jakarta

West Jakarta from a hospital balcony

The "Pemuda" statue, for me it looks more like a man carrying a burning pizza

a puncher in the 24th floor

Indonesian venice? Dream on...

A mid-city golf course on the making

traditional fish market

about to land in Jakarta
All my works are available in my instagram account @femmerling.
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Indonesian Nature Pics

After getting an android phone the NASA hackathon back in april, I suddenly turn into a so-called-amateur-photographer. Photography has always been an interest. Add a tiny app called Instagram and you got some photo filter magic. Below are some of my nature photo collections. Enjoy!!!

a broken boat

sunrise in the Gulf of Jakarta

fishermen harbour

morning sky

a lonely tree

fish pond

bridge to your dream

seaside fish pond

Gedong Songo ruins, Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia

sulfur cave, Baturaden, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia

one of the nine Gedong Songo temples, Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia

my backyard

a plane in the sky

afternoon seaside talks

Kamal Muara fishermen harbour

the Frangipani and the pagoda

All my works are available in my instagram account @femmerling.
Feel free to use any of the above pics but please put a link back to my blog.



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Monday, August 20, 2012

Changing Directions

I've always have a strong interest in software engineering. It is the reason why I took Computer Science in college and also why I minorred in software engineering.

However, since I dont have any interest in developing desktop softwares, I only had one job as a software engineer back then in 2005. I'm always interested in the web and I established my own web software company, Emfeld. I did projects and enjoyed things with Emfeld.

And so there I was, graduating from college and then from grad school working for non software companies. I even developed career paths as teachers and IT auditors.

Even when I'm enjoying my career growth, I never felt any satisfaction working outside of software engineering. I took side projects and work during the night, simply to relax and enjoy things. Yeah, you heard that right. I write codes to relax. Sounds geeky? I know, and I'm proud to be one.

Starting this year, my interest in programming grew even stronger. I joined a hackathon in April and managed to get judges' favorite app. From there it's all clear that it's the career path I wanted.

About 2 weeks ago I had an interview with a startup here in Jakarta. The company has good prospects, a great culture as well as a great team. Most of the guys are from the closed Yahoo! Koprol team. Two days afterwards I said yes to their offer and take that jump.

This new journey I'll start in September will be a challenging one since it combines my strong interest as well as a new experience with a very interesting company. I'm not afraid to make this jump, simply since it gives me personal satisfaction as well as a promising restart.

Feeling unwell with your current job? Quit it and find one that suits you well.

Good luck!



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