Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sleeping Child

I enjoy waking up at night, glancing at my children in their sleep.  They both look so peaceful.

It is the best feeling in the world, simply because they can truly enjoy their sleep.

They can sleep without a burden in their mind.
Without worry and fear.
And most importantly, they smile in their sleep because their hearts are smiling.

I want that again.
I want to be able to sleep like my children.
Without fear or worry or thoughts.

Just a nice sleep.



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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Pics From Jakarta

Below are some pictures taken around Jakarta. Enjoy!

Senayan area from the 24th floor, you can actually see most of Jakarta

West Jakarta from a hospital balcony

The "Pemuda" statue, for me it looks more like a man carrying a burning pizza

a puncher in the 24th floor

Indonesian venice? Dream on...

A mid-city golf course on the making

traditional fish market

about to land in Jakarta
All my works are available in my instagram account @femmerling.
Feel free to use any of the above pics but please put a link back to my blog.



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Indonesian Nature Pics

After getting an android phone the NASA hackathon back in april, I suddenly turn into a so-called-amateur-photographer. Photography has always been an interest. Add a tiny app called Instagram and you got some photo filter magic. Below are some of my nature photo collections. Enjoy!!!

a broken boat

sunrise in the Gulf of Jakarta

fishermen harbour

morning sky

a lonely tree

fish pond

bridge to your dream

seaside fish pond

Gedong Songo ruins, Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia

sulfur cave, Baturaden, Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia

one of the nine Gedong Songo temples, Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia

my backyard

a plane in the sky

afternoon seaside talks

Kamal Muara fishermen harbour

the Frangipani and the pagoda

All my works are available in my instagram account @femmerling.
Feel free to use any of the above pics but please put a link back to my blog.



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Monday, August 20, 2012

Changing Directions

I've always have a strong interest in software engineering. It is the reason why I took Computer Science in college and also why I minorred in software engineering.

However, since I dont have any interest in developing desktop softwares, I only had one job as a software engineer back then in 2005. I'm always interested in the web and I established my own web software company, Emfeld. I did projects and enjoyed things with Emfeld.

And so there I was, graduating from college and then from grad school working for non software companies. I even developed career paths as teachers and IT auditors.

Even when I'm enjoying my career growth, I never felt any satisfaction working outside of software engineering. I took side projects and work during the night, simply to relax and enjoy things. Yeah, you heard that right. I write codes to relax. Sounds geeky? I know, and I'm proud to be one.

Starting this year, my interest in programming grew even stronger. I joined a hackathon in April and managed to get judges' favorite app. From there it's all clear that it's the career path I wanted.

About 2 weeks ago I had an interview with a startup here in Jakarta. The company has good prospects, a great culture as well as a great team. Most of the guys are from the closed Yahoo! Koprol team. Two days afterwards I said yes to their offer and take that jump.

This new journey I'll start in September will be a challenging one since it combines my strong interest as well as a new experience with a very interesting company. I'm not afraid to make this jump, simply since it gives me personal satisfaction as well as a promising restart.

Feeling unwell with your current job? Quit it and find one that suits you well.

Good luck!



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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finding My Creative Freedom

It's been 9 days since I said goodbye to the web company I founded 7 years ago.

So far, I found things to be creatively liberating. I don't need to catch up with deadlines. I also found new project ideas swarm all over my head all day long. However, for the time being I decided to ignore the ideas and simply note them down for future use. Maybe this was what Steve Jobs find interesting after he quit Apple for the first time.

I realize that to be able to get forward and becoming more creative I need to empty my mind first. Then I can start filling it with fresh things. Just like the picture of an empty plate above, you'll never know what it'll be filled with.

I'm still taking a few weeks off programming stuffs while I focus on my day job as an auditor at a bank and giving my mind some rest, especially after that Dengue Fever I had a few weeks back. It's amazing how my vim editor hasn't been opened for almost a month now. A very rare thing to happen.

Now, my goal is much simpler. Learn as much as I can during this creative freedom search. Once I decided to focus on something in the future, I would have all the required ammunitions ready. But until then I have to recharge my passion and energy.

You're stuck with what you do in life? Try it my way. Quit for a while until you get the passion and energy back. Everybody needs a rest.

Here's to creating a better self!



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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bye Bye Web Technology

Back in 2005 I established a company that would define my career in the IT software industry. Emfeld Web Technology, or I spelled it EmFeld back then, was born from my desire to improve human lives by leveraging the web.

I built a lot of things during the years, from websites, online stores, online games and also our signature product the intanware.

Things were great until 2 things happenned. My team left for a bigger company and my health condition gets worse. I can't be handling all those projects all by myself.

So from now on, Emfeld is me and I am Emfeld. I'll use the domain for my personal site and I'll write more things in my personal blog. I'll open source some of our products on my github account. Who knows you can get something out of it anyway.

It was a good 7 years. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. And so this is where Emfeld Web Technology ends...with a smile :)

Warmest regards

Fauzan Erich Emmerling

7 is a good number anyway :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Define Who You Are

Most of the time, we are defined and labeled by what we do to make a living or by what we have. For instance, John, the IT guy or Michael the manager. Sometimes people label people based on possessions. Donny, the Mercedes owner, for example.

The way people refer to us that way is actually wrong. Why? Simply because if we lose all those jobs or possessions, who the hell are we?

I've always been known as the debater, the auditor or the IT guy but I refuse to be defined by all of those. I am simply a dreamer and a learner, and that is how I want people to label me. You cant take my dreams away from me and I always learn something new every day. Try to brand yourself by what's in you and not what's outside of you. You'll respect yourself better and you'll start seeing things differently.

Remember that by doing that you live up to your own expectations, not others. Learn to define yourself!



A dreamer and lifelong learner

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


28 is the number this year

I know I've been through a lot of things during the period

I've had ups and downs
I've had laughs and tears
I've been drunk and sober
I've eaten dust and drank tap water
I've fought my way through a lot of obstacles

I've seen my closest people passed away
I've gotten married to the best person in my life.
I've had two wonderful children.
I've had so many other experiences that I can't share here.


I'm thankful for all the experiences, good or bad. 
I'm thankful for all the people supporting me all this time
and I'm thankful to God for letting me live this wonderful and colorful life

and here's to the best 28 years of my life...

Happy birthday me


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making Everyday a Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day People!

It's February 14 and everyone's busy buying chocolates and gifts for their loved ones.

I'm not one of them though.

Simply because I celebrate Valentine's day everyday.

How is that possible?

Valentine's day is known as the Love day. The day where you show your loved ones that you love them. To me that should be everyday because I love my wife every single day and I want to show her every day that I love her. I love her from the moment she wakes up in the morning, the way she smiles through her day up until the moment she smiles while she's dreaming at night.

She's special and perfect every single day. And for that, I want to show her how much I love her everyday.

I believe that this actually applies to a lot of you out there. Perhaps you never really realize it until you read this post. You can do it as well. Simply by trying to make everyday special for the two of you. As if it's your last day together.

Live your life that way with your loved ones and see the magical change in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day Octha Emmerling. I love you not just on this day but every single day of my life.



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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Self Reflection a Habit

As humans we face problems day in and day out. This is perfectly normal. However, we often forget that our problems are actually our life lessons. We tend to ignore or run away from our problems instead of dealing with it. Again, this is a natural defensive reaction. Sure, we can blame so many factors when problems occur. Our friends, our surroundings, our work partners, or anything blamable. One thing that you always have to remember is actually look back to yourself. Why? Simply because we can be the one causing the problems as well. It's just that because we have our own ego, we think that we are never wrong.

Self reflection is something that you should make a habit. I do it on a daily basis every night before I take a ride to Slumberville. I always try to reflect everything I do from the moment I woke up till my reflection time. Why at night? Simple, you are mostly done dealing with the problems and you are more objective. This way you can judge problems better.

I usually ask myself a few questions in dealing with my problems. The questions are:

  • What did I do wrong?
  • What can I learn from it?
  • How do I prevent it from happening again?
  • Can it be improved?
  • What side effects can occur?
  • What's the effect to my life?
  • What's the effect to m loved ones?
Those questions help me learn. I learn and try to improve myself everyday. By learning you can improve yourself, improve your life, and improve others as well. 

Learning about life is a never ending lesson. Everybody needs it but not many know how to. Life is dynamic, and all you can do is learn and adapt. Try doing the self reflect daily and see how it can improve you as a person. Good luck!



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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Nawaran time!

We've just went past 2011. A lot of things happened in 2011 and I found those things enriching me in many ways. I always try looking at things from a positive point of view because it helps me in analyzing what I need to always become better.

As always, I have my new year resolutions for each year and in 2011 I failed in fulfilling some, which are:
  • to buy a car
  • to be more discipline at the 5-time prayer
For sure these two will be on my resolution list this year.

My other resolutions are as follows:

  • I'll be launching a startup on my son's birthday tonight at 7 PM Jakarta time. The startup is something I've been working on for about a quarter in 2011. This startup is derived from various concepts in my bachelor and master degree thesis. To add a twist, I insert Indonesian cultural elements inside it. I'm sure that the socio-cultural e-commerce platform of Nawaran can really develop and become something in the Indonesian internet commerce market. My new year resolution is basically simple, to ensure that I adhere to the release schedule I've set earlier, Jan 1 for alpha, Feb 16 for beta, and May 29 for full release. Other than that I expect to see at least 10,000 users by the end of the year. I know that this is a pessimistic assumption. But, if I can achieve it faster, I can surely be certain that the startup is on the right track.

    I didn't launched Nawaran on January 1st since my aunt passed away on the date. However, I do gave a preview to some close friends and I am currently improving the website. Stay tuned for launch announcement.

  • My Last resolution for this year is to improve my auditor career. I am currently an acting team leader. I want to make this permanent as well as getting at least 50% of my total assignments on time.

I know that this year I'm having it 1 point less than last year. But, I also realize that the targets are harder this year, especially since I want both my auditing career and my internet venture to develop well.

By this, I welcome 2012 with the 4 resolutions mentioned above. May this year become an even better year to all of us.



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