Friday, April 29, 2011

Real Love Stories Never Have Happy Endings

I was searching for Usher's You'll Be In My Heart video on youtube to share with my friends at an internet forum when I saw a part of the video with this sentence:
"Real love stories never have happy endings because real love stories never end..."
I stopped the video and spend some time looking at the sentence. All my life, I've been filled with people's words that love would end in a happy ending. Movies, ever since our childhood, taught us this as well. At the end they live happily ever efter. That's a happy ending.

So what defines a real love story anyway? Is it a story of a married couple living together for more than fifty years and passed away in peace together? Will it be a Cinderella-like story? Or could it be the story of Romeo and Juliet? I beg to differ in this case.

I define a real love story as two people, loving each other with all their hearts no matter what happens and accepting each other the way they are. They can be together or not, married or not, and even never see each other. But, they keep their love at the purest form for each other.

That is true love.
And true love lasts forever, in both life and death.
This is what I believe in and this is the kind of love I want to share with my soulmate.
I want to keep my love at the purest form only for my soulmate and keep it till the end of time

Only for my soulmate...

Warm Regards


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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sometimes I see life as an interstate highway. It's full of people heading to various destinations. Some headed for the same exit, some others just follow in the way, and even a lot are heading against your way. 

Just like a highway, interstates have entry points and exits. The one thing that didn't really happen a lot are big intersections like you see in the picture above. Both have promising destinations but you can only choose one. In some cases, you'll never see the intersection again after you make your choice. 

This, in real life, causes dilemma. Some people stopped for along time at the intersection to weigh their chances on picking each direction. Some got stuck for a very long time, some even decided not to continue the travel. Some others wished they can choose both.

I'm currently in an intersection where I have to choose. Now, I choose to stop and weigh. Both directions will come with great consequences. Some might see me as an opportunist. The truth is, I'm trying hard not to let those directions turn into a purgatory. I want the directions I choose to be paradise, a peaceful place to go to. 

This one is a tough choice for me. Each has ups and downs at almost equal level, but I cant choose both. I'm only wishing that if I can someday make that choice of direction, I can somehow find another path to return to the other direction. 

That is IF I CAN. 

For now I'll be staying in the intersection for quite some time. Long enough to know and decide. How bout you? what would you do in life's intersection?

Warm Regards


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Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking Back Into The Days

Just now...

I looked back to the past....

To the times when I struggle hard, cuz life brought me down hard.
To the times I fell down on my knees and prayers are all I have
To the times when I have no one else but myself
To the times when I think life is really mean on me

But then...

I realized that during those times...

Life taught me to always struggle for my existence
Life taught me that you can always hang into your faith when everything else falls apart
Life taught me to really take care of your loved ones who'll be there for you
Life taught me to always be thankful in whatever situations

so those four lessons will always stay in my mind,

struggle, have faith, take care of your loved ones, be thankful

live your life that way

and may you have a better and more meaningful life

Warm Regards


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