Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time For Germany

World Cup 2010 is here and soccer fever is everywhere. As a soccer fan and a player, I followed the world cup games that is currently in the last few games of the preliminary round, a decisive time for teams to break into the knockout stage.

I rememberred when I was 6 years old. It was the time of World Cup 1990. My family watched the final between Germany and Argentina in which the Germans won by 1-0. The goal was scored by Andreas Brehme from the penalty spot. That was my first time watching a world cup match and as a half-German I fell in love with Die Nationalmannschaft with Jürgen Klinsmann being my favourite player.

During the last 20 years I've witnessed Germany's matches. I saw them lift 2 trophies, World Cup 1990 and Euro 1996. I witnessed Klinsmann's upset face when they lost against Bulgaria in 1994 and Croatia in 1998. I've witnessed changes in the trend from having mostly 'experienced' (old) players into the team of young guns Germany is in World Cup 2010.

A new hope emerged this year because the team is a combination of senior (but still young) players from World Cup 2006, Euro 2008 and young players that won the U-21 European Championship last year. With the absence of the great Michael Ballack the team actually reached its peak in creating a creative display of an attacking young team. They won their last game in the group stage last night with Mesut Özil scoring the only goal, a long range volley from outside of the 18 yard box. At the age of only 21, Özil is now the new hope of the whole German nation.

Özil's goal

My Ideal Squad
With the squad Joachim Löw selected for this World cup, the combination will work well with the following scheme.

I prefer Neuer compared to Butt and Wiese because although he's young, Neuer has the mentality expected from a German goalkeeper. Of course if Adler were not injured then he'll be the first option. Philipp Lahm the skipper is a must have for the right back section and I prefer Jerome Boateng to Badstuber because Boateng is more mature playing there. The center backs duo would definitely go to the seniors Mertesacker and Friedrich because they have what it takes to guard Germany's goal.

Moving on the the midfield, I'm putting Schweinsteiger in the left winger position because that's actually his natural position and he'd play best there. I didn't select Podolski because he's currently unstable. The right winger would go to the youngster Thomas Mueller who plays marvellously in the position. The central-midfield duo would go to Khedira and Kroos. The two youngsters have a lot of talent and capabilities to bridge the flow of German attacks.

Mesut Özil would definitely go as the second striker and playmaker behind the single striker Miroslav Klose. Klose is still the best striker in the German team and I'd put Stefan Kießling in the bench to replace Klose because he's had a wonderfull season with the Bayer Leverkusen.

Hopefully with this mix, Germany can win World Cup 2010. Who knows, perhaps Löw is reading my blog. Next game is Germany against "the Three Lions" England. England is performing below expectation during the group stage but I'm expecting a good game between both sides. Of course I'm expecting Germany to advance to the next rounds.

It's been 20 years since the last time Germany lifted the world cup trophy and seeing the fact of finishing in the 2nd and 3rd place in the last 2 world cups, this year is Germany's year.

Deutschland uber alles!!!


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And I Say Thank You To The Internet

I started using the internet back in 1998. I was amazed by the things I found on the net back then and I believe that the internet will be very useful in the future. That is also one of the reasons why I took information technology for my bachelor degree and continue to dig deeper into the usage of the net.

After years of wandering around the net, I finally say a really big thank you to the internet because of the story I'll tell you next. In 2010, 12 years after my first use, the internet rewarded me nicely.

My father, Kurt Adalbert Emmerling, is the youngest of four, Bert, Erich, Ingeborg, and himself. He was born in Indonesia on June 29, 1938. He spent his childhood in Bogor, a city south of Jakarta famous for the Raffles Botanical garden. He was really close with his older brother, Erich. Now, just by reading the name, you can tell where I got my middle name from.

Around the late 1940s, my dad lived in a boarding house separated from his family. He went to school and then started working. In the late 1950s, his family decided to go back to the good ol' Germany and contacted him. He went and see them for the last time in 1958. My dad decided to go on and live in Indonesia.

He maintained contact with his brother Erich. They wrote letter to each other. The last correspondence address I knew was in Wolfsburg. Up to a point in time, my dad's letter was returned and so the contact between brothers stopped.

Back in 2006, I chat with a college friend of mine. She lived with her husband in Germany because her husband was sent there to study in one of the universities. During the chat, I asked her to call the operator and asked for my uncle, Erich Emmerling. From the info I got from her, my uncle already passed away in Munich in 2004. I was sad to hear the news and so was my dad.

So life goes on. One day around 2 months ago, I tried googling my name just to see the number of results shown on the screen. Something quickly caught my attention. There was the name Erich Emmerling shown on the screen and the result was from a german website. I used the google translate to view the page and found out that it was an information website for Erich Emmerling's contact. A phone number was listed and guess what, the address was in Wolfsburg, the last town I know my uncle lived in. Since my sister currently resides in Germany, I emailed her the contact details and asked her to check if that is uncle Erich. Her husband called the number and it turned out that the man was the Erich Emmerling we're looking for, my dad's big brother. We were really happy and my dad was really happy because after 52 years, contact was finally re-established.

When I found my uncle, I thank the internet for reuniting our family. No matter what negative item is out there on the net, it is still a very useful thing and I'll keep on trying to improve things you can do on the net.

Thank you internet!!!


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Dedicated to my dad, Kurt A. Emmerling

Friday, June 4, 2010

False Solidarity

Lately there's this wave of protest across Indonesia due to the attack launched by Israel on the Mavi Marmara Ship. Everyone's shouting at the government and condemning the action. Most of the protesters are angry because 12 Indonesians were aboard the ship with 2 injured due to the attack. What they shouted was mostly about helping their fellow Moeslems in in the Gaza strip. They feel that helping fellow Moeslems is the most important thing to do. Nothing wrong with that, but deep inside I feel that this is a false form of solidarity.

Most Indonesian Moeslems feel strong relationship and solidarity with those Moeslems in the middle-east region. A view that, in my humble opinion, blinds them from objectively seeing the actual fundamental root cause of the Israel - Palestine conflict. It's basically a conflict fighting for their territory. It will be the same conflict even if Palestine is inhabited by Hindus or Buddhist or whatever other religion. The conflict has nothing to do with religious views, just like the Iran-Iraq, Iraq-Kuwait, and the allied forces-Iraq conflict. All those conflicts happen because of human greed of oil, not because of religion.

Another thing about the solidarity is that most Indonesian Moeslems felt more moved to help their fellow in other areas like Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, and other Moeslem countries than those in their own country. I'm a Moeslem living in Indonesia and I can still see that we have a lot of Moeslems actually need help. Most of them are ignored by their fellow Indonesian Moeslems because their fellows are unable to see that their surroundings actually need help. I don't know whether they're helping those who are far for popularity or whether they're doing it for a good image. What I know is that our own Moeslems who are poor or disabled need help. Take a loot at slum areas. Take a look at the children in the streets, beggars, old poor widows, orphans and other people in need of a helping hand. Those are actually those who need our help most.

Today people are rallying the streets and causes severe traffic jam in the central business district. This actually causes problems for our own country because our own economy cannot perform business smoothly and this is wrong. If you want to do your good deeds by caring about those faraway fellows, fine by me. But please, do so in a way that does not cause problems for your fellows around you. As a Moeslem, I don't feel comfortable with this condition and I support more on doing good deeds by helping our Moeslem fellows in our own surroundings. Help those beggars, street children, and other fellow Indonesian Moeslems. You can see the actual effect and you're helping your country prosper by actually helping those in dire need. That, in my humble opinion, is a very good deed.


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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Humans...

Welcome to the world full of hatred and greed. A world where differences are treated like sins. A world where violence is the first, not the last resort.

Humans have forgotten so many values, important and fundamental values I should say. Now humans let their anger control themselves and destroy their own world. Some people say that they care about peace, but still they try to make peace by performing violence. In the end, violence is the one that will be harvested.

What happenned to peace? What happened to unity? What happened to tolerance? What happened to the feeling of care for fellow human beings? Even animals care about their own kind and they do not prey their own kind. Why do we humans kill other humans and take advantage from others?

This world is now deteriorating, not slowly but fast. If everyone goes by this direction we're heading into, we'll see the end of mankind anytime soon. When greed, hatred and violence control people's lives, the world is not going to be a better place.

I'm just a regular guy, not some guy with powers to control the world. Now, I'm inviting you all to look back in time, to remember the fundamental values of human lives. Remember that we need to have care, peace, unity, tolerance, and olso see differences as a beauty. Hopefully that way we'll have a better world to live in. Not only for us, but also for our future generations.


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