Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life Changes, Life Takes You to Places

Daily life is unstoppable. Moreover, it is also unpredictable and fast changing. About a year and a half ago, I can never tell what my life would be during that period of time. At that time I was unemployed, finishing my thesis, and trying to do some freelance jobs just to survive. I thought that I'd simply finish my master degree and try my luck by going seriously at the freelance business market. I couldn't think of working a full time job for a big company or even marriage. The only thing I have in mind is that those things will come after a few years.

But then, in a matter of months, everything started to change. Yes, I did finish my master degree in time. But then, 2 days from my thesis defense, I got a call from a big company setting up a job interview. The company is a big 4 consulting firm and is very capable in the field of governance consulting, the field of my dreams. A few days afterwards I did the interview and 4 days from there I was hired as a senior consultant. Things were since then moving rapidly, I got assigned at big clients and I got married in less than six months after I started working. Then here I am, one and a half years from that point of time. A consultant at a big company, a married man with a charming little baby girl and I don’t know where life will take me for the next one and a half year from now.

Another story of how fast life changes comes from a former colleague of mine. We called him "Bang Udin". Bang Udin was a very senior worker at the company I work for. At that time he has been working for the company for over 14 years. But then issues started to appear and he was forced to resign from the company. He was depressed but he goes on with life, in the mean time also struggling to make himself a certified public accountant. A couple of months after he resigned, I met him at a food court near a client I was assigned. He was working at a 2nd level public accountant firm nearby. He said he's on his way to become a partner in the firm because he was already a certified public accountant at that time. That was the last time I saw him for months. Life goes on of course.

About 2 months ago, the company I work for won a very big project at a national airline. A lot of people, best personnel I should say, were assigned to the project. But everyone was shocked during the kick-off meeting of the project. The meeting was opened and the general manager of the accounting department was supposed to address the meeting. And then, it was Bang Udin, the person that the company forced to resign, that addressed the meeting. And I'd say that he's a big hearted man. He still is the same person we all know. No heart feelings whatsoever. Strictly professional. The group leader that forced him to resign is now a client that has to serve him. But then there he was still being nice to that person that gave him quite a headache back in time. And that was the story of Bang Udin.

What can we learn from both stories? A few things actually.
First, you can plan your future but life is always the deciding factor. Sometimes you'd think you be something else but instead you become the opposite. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t become as what you have planned earlier. Life takes mysterious turns and you will be able to understand the purpose only when you are thankful of where ever life takes you to. You can’t take the full driving control. You can only plan the trip.

Second, be nice to people. You don’t know what that person will be in a couple of months. He can be someone that has control over you or perhaps someone else with more power. If that person is nice like the case of Bang Udin, he will not have the feeling of vengeance. But if the person is someone vengeful, then you'll be in deep trouble. Treat others equally and treat them the way you want to be treated. I know it sounded cliché, but hey, I think it's true.

Third, be grateful for whatever you get in life. Some say that life's like a wheel, or perhaps like a box of chocolate and I'd say that those words are true. You don’t know what you'll get. Sometimes you're down, and sometimes you're up. And foremost, it can all happen in a short period of time. When you're grateful, it will be easier for you to look at the skies and survive the tough times when you're down in the ground. Being grateful will also keep your feet in the ground when you're flying high in the skies. It gives you more balance in life. So be grateful in everything you experience.

Bottom line, life is mysterious and it changes fast. It can change a homeless into a rich person and a rich person into a homeless. So, plan your life but remember that the biggest deciding factor is life itself. And remember that everyone is created equally. Therefore, you have to treat everyone with equal respect, just as you want to be respected by others.

May the mysterious ways bring you a wonderful experience and may all of you can be grateful in every single moment you experience.


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Lives and Our Pasts

I believe in the butterfly effect. They say that a single flap of a butterfly's wings will contribute a little piece to a tornado happening a year from now. When we apply this to our lives, it means that every little thing we do, will contibute to something that we will experience in the future. I tend to forget this theory when I'm living life.

Everything you do has a connection towards something else in the future. For example, reading this article might cause you to, perhaps, changing your own life path because you finally learn something new. You can see how people tend to blame situations and conditions for what is happening in life. But, you should actually see that something you did in the past contributes to the situation and condition that you're facing. Nothing is happening without any precedent.

So, what can we learn from this? Several things, actually.

First, think carefully when you're about to decide or do something because it may affect your future. It doesn't mean that you have to think about every single details, it's just that you have to think of the big picture of what can happen when you're about to do something. I believe in carpe diem. But, I think of consequences as well every now and then because it can happen sooner or later, right?

Second, try to look back to your actions in the past that might cause the consequences to take place. Most of the time, we humans, forget to reflect back to ourselves and tend to feel victimized by the situation and condition we're facing. Now, this is wrong, and this causes high ego in humans because we tend to blame external factors. Look back to ourselves and ask yourselves, have you done anything wrong in the past.

Third and last, learn from what've happened to you. Whether now or in the past, things that happened in your lives will always have a lesson behind it. Humans do make mistakes, true. But the best of humans learn from their mistake and try to make things better.
It's not easy to live life with all the path that we have to go through. But, you can always make the best of it. Live as if you will die tomorrow, but remember, maybe others won't die tomorrow and they want to have a good memory from you. Think, reflect back, and learn. That way, you can, at least, be a person that tries to see things from all perspectives and, hopefully, you'll be wiser.

Good luck


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mysterious Lessons

As humans live their lives, they went through various events. Some events are pleasant and give them nice memories. But on the other hand, other events are painful and sometimes leave deep wounds inside one's memories.

Some people curse these conditions. I say, that you should be thankful of what ever happens in your life. If you try to look deeper, you can actually find lessons behind every single event that took place in the history of your life. Say for example, you lost the one you love because that person thinks that that person cant be with you. Some might think that it's the end of their lives. Some might curse the condition and grew hatred inside their heart. Some others might be confused and perhaps even be scared of starting relationships. This condition is actually the time for you to reflect and ask yourselves. What can you do to make yourself a better person.

I know it's easy to whine about the conditions you face. But, whining will block you from seeing the actual lesson behind the events in your lives. Whining creates a mental barrier that can actually be bad for your emotional health and also for your self development.

So, what can we do to overcome these conditions?

That one, you have to ask yourselves because the answer depends on your wisdom. If you ask me, I'll say that you have to look around and be thankful first before you do anything else. Why? Sometimes people forget that actually there are people with worse problems compared to what they're going through. Try to be thankful and accept the condition you're facing. Next, you need to have a postive mindset. You need to prioritize in seeing things from the positive sides. I'm not saying that you neglect the negative sides cuz you'll need that negative sides later on in order to reflect. My point is, you need to focus more on the postive sides because that way you can find lessons and views that you cant get when you're seeing the event from negative sides.

I've been through lots of events in my life, both pleasant and painful, and I'm thankful for all those events because those events built me into the person I am now. Am I satisfied with who I am now? The answer would be yes and no. Yes, because I'm a better person compared to who I used to be and I've learned more lessosns of life every single day. No, because the only thing constant is change and I need to change to adjust with the conditions of life. That way, I am making myself a better person every single day.

Now, the question is, how do you define a better condition? Well, my friend, the answer lies inside all of you. It depends on how you respect yourselves. It depends on how you value your lives. It depends on what your expectations are. There will never be a fix answer for this question because we, humans, are unique individuals who have unique point of views.
In the end, ask yourselves, do you want to learn and improve? Or would you rather be upset and being left behind?

The answer lies inside all of you and the choice is yours.

Good luck


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